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The Amsterdamsche Bank


The striking brick building where the hotel is located, was built in 1920 in command of the Bank of Amsterdam.

The building is characterized by a distinctive, expressive brick facade, with a clear link to the Amsterdam School of design. After a flowering period, but partly due to the second world war and the deplorable post-war years the Bank of Amsterdam went true very troubled times. Partly due to expansion of the Amsterdam Bank with branch offices in other parts of Amsterdam, and the downturn of the economic vitality of the Dutch neighborhood, in 1980 the bank building lost its designated function.

After a period of vacancy, in the mid-1980s the building was taken by squatters and given the name "Theatre de Bank". There was an improvised renovation performed, whereby the bank-Interior largely disappeared. A podium was exposed and the spectators gallery was created from Heineken-pallets.

In 1990 the idea for the "Grand Cafe Dulac" was born. Inspired by the work of Edmond Dulac;  a French illustrator of various fairy tales, i.a.: "1001-night", the stories of The Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen.